What does fly?


Fly Means “Smart, Stylish, and pretty cool”. If someone texts you fly then it means that the sender is amazed by you and is your huge fan. Because the slang term is used to define some great traits about an individual. The term is used for an individual who is smart, attractive, and very trendy.

In this current age, it is all about style and personality, if you do not possess a good personality and style you are less likely to succeed in your work. The Gen Z kids think that by using slang they will look cool. That is one of the reasons that more and more people have started using different slang terms.


Amy: “What do you think about this dress?”

Daisy: “Oh this dress is pretty FLY for you.”

“Jackson has a FLY sense about fashion.”

What does it mean in a text from a Guy?

If a guy texts a girl that she is a fly then the guy is trying to give her a compliment. The fact is that the guy is impressed by the style and sexiness of the girl and he could not wait to make her a friend that is one of the prime reasons to text a girl fly. It is the common nature that the opposite sex attracts each other just like charges. Therefore, there is no need to be ashamed of using this term.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

Girls are obsessed with style and are quite conscious about their privacy. If a girl texts you that you are a fly then she is definitely impressed by your style and smartness. Therefore, you should be happy because not all girls express their feelings openly. They like to hide information like this.


Definition Cool, attractive, stylish
Type Term

What is the basic origin of this term?


This term is quite old the first time it was used was 200 years ago and in the 70s and 80s, this term became famous and started to be used in the hip-hop music genre. This term was a part of the American slang back in the day and the meaning was sharp etc.

What does it stand for?

Acronyms  Definition
FLY Cool, attractive, stylish
FLY Fashionable

It is to define some good traits of the individual fly and is used for someone who is smart, cool, and amazing. Now in this age of the internet and Gen Z kids’ usage of slang terms have been increased exponentially. Many years ago people have used actual words in their writing but nowadays it is all about using emojis and slang.

Is there any other meaning of this slang?

Yes, there is another meaning of this slang in Irish slang the meaning of this specific slang is immoral and brutal. This is quite different from the other meaning of this slang term, which is cool, attractive, smart, etc.


This Irish slang is used to define a person who is so brutal that he/she does not care about anyone and will punish others brutally and take more work from them with low wages. A person who doesn’t care about human rights or feelings will hurt them whenever he/she will get a chance.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Is this term derogatory?

The straightforward answer is NO. The general meaning of this slang is smart, sexy, and cool if you compliment a girl from your friend list that she is a fly.

If you have said this word to the girl in the sense that she is quite smart and sexy then the term cannot be derogatory, but if you compliment an unknown woman fly in terms of her sexiness then the term will give negative vibes and will be judged as derogatory. Therefore, be careful while using this slang term it can cause you some trouble.

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