What is the origin of mamarre and its meaning?


Mamarre is a rarely-used term in Spanish, and before the song “Rebota,” it had no actual meaning at all. This interpretation places the onus for assigning the term its current meaning as a synonym for “invitation to perreo” on the person itself. Jan Carlos Santiago thinks he stole the phrase from a Jamaican movie, but he can’t remember which one.

Since this is the case, the term “mamarre,” which originates from the urban genre, is used to refer to the perreo dance. In 2019, the Puerto Rican artist “Guaynaa” released a song titled “Rebota,” which has since been dubbed “mamarre” by fans.”

This song has catapulted the musician to stardom. The request to have the word “mamarre” entered into the RAE’s official dictionary of the Spanish language was the subject of a sizable discussion on the social media platform Twitter.


Texter 1 I feel like a Mamarre. I just want to float away in the ocean.

Texter 2 Are you high again

What does mamarre mean in french?

Mamarre is a Spanish word but it has a different meaning in the French dictionary. In French, it means that the particular individual is fed up or tired from any particular thing, maybe any sort of activity. This expression is used to inform the other person about their low enthusiasm related to that activity or any person. Sometimes the same spelling has different meanings in different languages.


Definition: a lazy man without a job nor home who lived with his family; or a bum
Type: Noun

What does gokies mean?


A shortened form of the name “Gokhan,” “gokie” is commonly used within the Italian mafia. The word “gokie” means “boss” or “headmaster” of an illegal gang or group.  Those bearing the name Gokie were among the first to assume the title of “Lord of the Manor” in the county of Kent, where the name first appeared.

Ever since the 1066 Conquest of Hastings, the Saxons’ impact on English history has waned. For the next three centuries, the Norman style and the French language of the courts remained in place. However, Saxon surnames persisted, and this one was mentioned for the first time in relation to a person who had property in that county in the 13th century.

This last name has numerous spelling variants, including Gokin, Goken, Gocken, Gockin, Gockeine, Gookin, Gookine, Gochin, Cockin, Cockine, Gocking, and many more. The Gokie family has some Irish descendants. Various spelling variations of this surname date back to the middle of the 17th century, when records were being kept of the massive migration of Europeans to North America.

As a result, people from all over the world landed on the eastern seaboard, from Newfoundland and Maine through Virginia, the Carolinas, and the islands.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does tahan mean?

Tahan means to put up with, bear, withstand or have a high level of tolerance, or fight against something whether it be a critical situation. Most commonly used for males, the Hebrew name Tahan derives its meaning of “merciful” from the language. This name is mostly owned by Muslims as compared to non-muslim ones. Eventually, it is an Arabic name and is quite popular among the people who belong to Muslim countries, especially Saudia.

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