What does GTS mean in Text?


GTS is an abbreviation of phrases like ‘go to sleep’ or ‘going to sleep’ this particular phrase comes into usage via social media apps however people do not usually use it in everyday conversations or when talking to someone face to face. People generally use it when they send an sms or a text message to someone through their messenger or Whatsapp, it indicates a conclusion to a talk. You are basically trying to tell the other person that it is quite late and it is time to hit the bed or sleep.


Texter 1: No worries bro I will wake up soon gts now.

Texter 2: Ok don’t be late

What does GTS mean for a boy?

GTS is not generally gendered specific; this means that the acronym is usually used by both genders. A guy might have a long day at work; he comes home late in the evening. Meanwhile, they might get a text message from a friend who wants to discuss something really important. Thus begins a long conversation that could last for an hour or two. At this point, the guy might feel exhausted and drained and close off the conversation with a simple ‘GTS’

What does GTS mean for a girl?

The same goes for a working girl. A stay-at-home mommy might get drained after a long day of running errands and looking after the kids, she may close off a conversation at night in a similar manner. GTS from a boy or a girl could also mean ‘Good times’ to suggest that life is awesome and we are having the time of our lives.


Definition: Going to Sleep
Type: Abbreviation

What does it mean on tiktok?


Tiktok is a social media platform where people post small video snippets, On TikTok, GTS means ‘go to sleep’ or ‘going to sleep’ this particular phrase could be inducted at the end of a TikTok video to suggest bedtime. On TikTok, GTS can also be used to suggest annoyance; someone might use it if they feel bothered and want to be left alone. It could also mean ‘Good times’ or life is great.
It is also used on Instagram with specific pictures and also via Snapchat stories. In Instagram, it could refer to sleep time or good times.

People usually post their selfies when vacationing and they use a particular caption of GTS to show that they are having a blast, to show that their vacation was picture perfect, the food was exquisite, the vacation spots were intriguing, they visited a mountain top or took selfies while taking a bath in an azure-colored striking beach. In short, they had a really good time. Furthermore, on Snapchat people post specific stories about their life, whether it is their graduation day, landing a new job or getting engaged, married, or moving to a new place. They really love sharing the best time of their life with their peers and they often tag the GTS icon to show just how grateful they really are.

Other meanings of the term could be:

GTS: Good Times
This is usually used to indicate that you are having a good time or you are having fun or to suggest in a positive tone that life is amazing. There are so many things to be grateful for.
GTS: Google That Stuff
This indicates that you should get some info on a specific thing on Google.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does it mean in texting?


In texting, GTS simply means ‘go to sleep’ It suggests the end of a chat. In texting, GTS can also mean ‘Good times’ to cheer up the other person when they are low or show that life has a great many things to be grateful for.

What does it mean in business?

In business, GTS has a more formal meaning. In business, GTS could mean ‘General Terms of Sales’ to show the contract terms of the buyer and the seller. In business, GTS could also mean ‘Global trading system’ which refers to the international trade system with its specific rules and regulations.

What does it mean in science?

In science, GTS could mean ‘GPS tracking system’ which refers to a device that tracks the movement of a person, animal, or object via the global positioning system. In science, GTS can also mean ‘Great trigonometric survey’ which refers to a survey of the Indian subcontinent. This was conducted with great scientific validity.

Meaning in medical science

In science, GTS could also mean ‘Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome’ which is a neurobiological disease that includes symptoms of phonic tics. It could also mean ‘General Thoracic surgery’ It is a surgery that includes the esophagus and chest. It is conducted to treat lung diseases.
What does GTS mean when it comes to cars?
GTS means ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ which refers to a specific sports car that is used in motor racing.


GTS has multiple meanings but in general, it is popular on social media and can be used to indicate bedtime or fun times.

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