What does Catch a Fade mean in the text?

Catch a Fade

Whenever you try to threaten someone, you just use an expression to catch a fade. In the text, if someone writes you will catch a fade then it means that you have been annoying him or her for quite a while and now if you do not stop annoying you will be punched eventually. So lately, people have started this expression a lot.

Although this term has been around for 100 years but with the vast availability of the Internet and the Gen Z kids this term has been used a lot in texting and on other platforms as well.


“I am catching a fade from you hence you should stay away from me”

“It’s better to avoid coming in front of the mam before she catches a fade”

What does catching a fade mean for a boy?

If a guy’s texts catch a fade then he is simply warning the recipient that if they will not stop irritating him they will receive punishment by simply receiving a punch in the face. Threatening someone is the actual meaning of this slang term. This slang term is quite popular in the recent era of gen z kids and the age of the internet.

What does catching a fade mean for a girl?

This given slang term can be used in a text by a girl as well. Whenever a girl texts you this then it is a sign that you have been annoying her lately and now she wants to be left alone or she needs her free space for a while. However, if you still annoy her eventually you will be punished by receiving an actual punch in the face. This literal use of this slang term is to threaten someone who is bothering you.


What does it stand for?

The slang term catch a fade means that you are about to punch some individual in the face. This slang term is most of the times used to tell or give a signal to the person who is irritating you that if they will not stop disturbing you then they will be punched in the face. In this age of the internet and Gen Z kids, the usage of slang has increased a lot. Most of the have replaced actual words with the shorter form of words in other words slang terms. By using slang, they save a lot of time.

Is this slang term derogatory?

The answer is yes. Because this is a word that is linked with an act of violence, the literal meaning of the term is to threaten someone that you will eventually beat them up at some point in time.


The threat has a negative vibe although you   have used this term to signal that you will about to lose your temper and will start hitting them in their faces it will be considered a derogatory term.

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What is the origin of this phrase?

This is quite an old term. Back in the day, fade means to punish someone who has done the wrong deed. In recent times with excessive usage of slang, this term is used a lot to let others know that if they will not stop bothering they will receive a punishment in the form of punches. This is just a warning to stop being annoying and take care of your business.

Does Catch a Fade show signs of anger?

Yes, Catch a Fade is a clear sign of anger. The literal meaning of this slang term is to warn the person who has been annoying you for some time that if they won’t stop doing what they are doing lately you will beat them up at some point. Now to punch an individual in the face is an act of violence. This act is a classic example of being angry.

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