What does RCVD mean?


RCVD means “Received”, it’s used as an abbreviation. The meaning of this slang in the text or in an email is to ensure the person at the sending end that you have received what the sender wished to deliver to you. Usually, this term in texts is used as the reply it can never be used to start a conversation. Many people have used this slang and it is quite easy to understand.

Another fact is that usually there are platforms where you have to be careful about the word limit this is where this slang is heavily used. Slang has made life fast you do not need to write the actual words anymore.


Alice: “Did you get that package?”

Olivia: “Yeah, I RCVD it.”

What does it mean in a text from a Guy?

This term in a text is used to ensure the sender that you have received what they have sent you. Texting this means a guy has received what you sent. This specific term is just used to let the person know on the sending side that you have successfully received the thing that was intended for you to receive. It is just used as confirmation on this matter.

What does it mean in a text from a Girl?

If a girl texts you this then the very first thing that will come to your mind is that she has received the message you wanted to convey to her. This term is quite well-known and used a lot. The age of the internet has turned everyone to use slang instead of the actual words now the advantage is that by using slang people can save crucial time. During this time, one can improve oneself.


Definition Receiving
Type Term

What does it stand for?

The slang is used to say received. The literal meaning of this word is to tell someone that you have received what he or she has sent. In other words, it is used to ensure the person on the sending side that whatever they wanted to deliver they have successfully done it.

In this world of the internet and Gen Z kids the frequency of usage of slang terms have been increased a lot. Many people try to send slang instead of proper words to save time and convey messages to every age group.

Can this term be derogatory?


No, this term is used to ensure the concerned person that you have successfully acquired what they have sent to you. The term doesn’t have any kind of negative meaning. Thus, the term can never be considered derogatory this specific term is quite positive in the case where there is a word limit. Because where there are less no of words required people use slang and abbreviations there to save their word count.  Most commonly, this is done using emojis. Using slang is all the rage among Generation Z kids.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What is the meaning of this in g shock?

To configure your g shock watch you are required to place your watch close to a window them you can see an rcvd sign starts to appear while it is flashing.


This sign is used to represent a process of time signal reception is taking place. After the date and time are set then this rcvd sign will appear without flashing basically when the watch has automatically configured the date and time setting the sign rcvd appears.

Is there any other meaning for this Slang?

Yes, there is another meaning for this specific slang as well the meaning of this term in the field of medical science is relative cell volume distribution. Now an abbreviation can have many different full forms just like this specific abbreviation.

The full form of this slang is not quite well-known only doctors, and workers in the field of medical science know about it. Most of the time a common person fails to understand this abbreviation.

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