What do boot and rally mean in the text?

boot and rally

The meaning is to be able enough to continue the party even if someone has vomited due to overconsumption of alcohol. When someone uses this in the text the person on the receiving side will quickly understand the meaning of what it meant. Because this is a very common slang word in the quickly evolving world of texting.

As everyone has an idea that in this current age of the internet people mostly rely on using slang in texting as compared to using actual words.


Miranda: What happened last night did everyone have fun?

Billy: Yes, Miranda everything was fine but Simon was booted and rallied.

Simon: Hey man, what’s up I apologize for the boot and rally last night.

Josh: It is all right Simon.

What does it mean in the text from a guy?


Well, the exact meaning of this word is to vomit after drinking too much alcohol, and after the vomiting still can continue the party. Now when a guy texts you that he did boot & rally last night the receiver will quickly understand what the guy meant.

What does it mean in the text from a girl?

When someone texts you that they are planning a boot & rally competition for the game night then it will mean that tonight someone will need lime because when vomiting occurs to continue further you need lime. Lime will turn some of the alcohol less effective.


What does it stand for?

In the current era of the internet, people are more into using slang than ever. Now boot and rally are combinations of two words one is boot and one is rally. The boot is slang for vomit and rally is described by the ability to continue. When combined then the collective meaning of the term will be described as a person at a party vomited due to overconsumption of alcohol and then continuing the party again.

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What is the origin of this term?

Like every other term has an origin this slang term also has a past. The term is available for a long time now but the new kids use it a lot. The term originated back in the 1980s as a part of campus slang. This type of slang is mostly used in colleges. Back in the day, it was cool to vomit due to the overconsumption of alcohol and still be able to party. Due to the outbreak of the party culture, many people were turned on by it.

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