What does ducked up mean in a text?

ducked up

The literal meaning of this term is messed up. The general description of this word is f**ked up or in other words, someone who is confused, disordered, or damaged. So in a text, it means that someone has done something wrong due to their bad mental state and now they are in big trouble for doing so.

Another meaning would be that someone has gone crazy after drinking too much at the party and that person has so messed up that the person can’t drive the car.


Eleven: What happened to Billy last night?

Joyce: Billy went crazy last night he was so ducked up that I had to drive his car.

What does it mean in text from a guy?

Well, if a guy or anyone texts this then it means that they are in big trouble they have messed up the whole situation and now there is nothing that can save them. Keeping out of further mischief is all they can do.

What does it mean in text from a girl?

The actual meaning of this slang term is messed up. If someone texts you this word then it means that a person is so disoriented or crazy that they cannot be trusted anymore. They require a therapist so that they can be normal again.


Definition Messed up
Type Abbreviation


What does it stand for?


This slang term is well known, many people use this slang in their routine life cycle. The literal meaning of this is messed up. Which means that one has made an error that will disrupt something as a result. In simple words ducked up means that you have made some kind of an error and now you are in trouble big time.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Will it be vulgar to text someone this slang?

Well to some extent yes this term can be vulgar because the meaning of this slang is F**ked up now f**k is a curse word and using a curse means that you using vulgar language. Now This depends upon if you use the meaning of the term f**ked up there is another meaning of this term which is messed up if you use the term messed up instead of f**ked up then the slang term ducked up won’t be so vulgar after all.

The major flaw of texting is that if you don’t have enough vocabulary then you may end up using the wrong words and you will be judged as vulgar. As far as text messages are concerned, there is very little room for error.

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