What does nough mean in the text?


It is mostly used to describe the “near-felonious promiscuity” of a woman.

Another use of the Slang is short for “Enough” or “nuff”

The slang is quite well-known and is heavily used while texting.


Billy: What have you done Mandy?

Mandy: nough of this constant questioning.

What does it mean in text from a guy?

The word is used in texting a lot because this is a term that is used in daily routine conversations. Now when someone texts this, It means that they have lost patience to deal with the situation at hand and cannot be sane enough to continue.

What does it mean in text from a girl?

The slang term will mean the same as mentioned before. The term is quite general anyone that uses it means the same that they have had enough of the current matter and now they cannot continue to extend the length of the matter that is driving them crazy.


Definition Enough
Type Abbreviation


What does it stand for?

The term nough means enough. This is used when a person has reached their limit on any kind of matter and cannot take it anymore. In other words, it means that a person has had enough and won’t be able to continue while being sane.

Is there any other word used instead of this?

Yes, the slang term nough has an alternative term as well. The term is known as nuff, which also means enough. The difference between these two terms is that this slang term is an informal form of the term enough. While the nuff is American slang.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What is the difficulty level of understanding this slang term?

The term is well-known and is widely used as a part of daily life. The difficulty level of understanding this is quite low. Most teenagers use this slang on various occasions because the kids have less control over their emotions and mostly cannot take the stress of things whose answers they don’t have.

Most teenagers or Gen Z kids in the current time are prone to use slang terms so that they can save time and the word conveys the same meaning to the other person with minimal requirement of effort.

Is this term negative?

Yes, it is if spoken to refer to a woman. Otherwise the answer to this depends upon the circumstances in which this word is used. If a person using this word is tired of being tested and cannot remain sane enough to continue the process. Then the word defines negative emotions thus term will be perceived as negative.

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