What does Twatwaffle mean in the text?


Twatwaffle is used to describe somebody who is a complete moron. A perfect instance of such individuals is the men who spout nonsense all the moment at parties and believe that just one person believes them, even though the majority of the audience’s minds are turned down to prevent the impact of white falsehoods on their minds.

The word can also apply to an overworked female genitalia that has shriveled up to the size of a sagging waffle. The term was developed with a mixture of rhyming, as well as influence from the described mushy, fluffy waffle, which everybody reluctantly feeds into his tongue.


“Jessica is a twattwaffle because she uses her va-jay-jay as a means to get what she wants out of other men”

“He is a total twattwaffle for being rude around girls”

What does it mean to a boy?

This term is usually used by the boys for other drunk dudes that come into contact in bars and clubs or anywhere. These dudes often are found anywhere and because of not being conscious they are not aware of literally anything they are doing. However, boys also call each other such things fun since boys’ friendship is always considered to be better and funnier than those of girls.

You can find several other words like this with the same meaning since this word has a very common meaning. Its vulgar meaning is the same as any other vulgar word that can be found and used for another person. The word is considered a bad word which is why boys usually use them while texting rather than in person or front of boys.

What does it mean to a girl?

Since the meaning is the same which is why it is used in the same circumstances as the boys and the reference is usually the same. However, girls comparatively use them less than boys since boys have less fear of spitting bad words around others but girls do fear them. Girls do use such words to refer to their fellow friends mainly those who are very close.

But if you sneak into girls’ group chat you would find more vulgar words but they d consider the environment nearby and then use such words. In short twatwaffle girls’ meaning is when they call their friends idiots or any short-minded words.


Definition Idiot, drunk
Type term

Why you shouldn’t be Twatwaffle?

Being a twattwaffle is not a good thing hence one should prevent being such a person, such type of person doesn’t have any respect and people don’t like to hang out with these people since they are crazy and always talk bullshit. People usually prevent seeing them in general or chatting with them. As of now, they are part of the slang and the particular tag belongs to them now for a reason.


What does it stand for?

Acronyms Definition
Twattwaffle idiot
Twattwaffle Bullshit talking

How does one become this person?

When a person starts to interfere in every person’s matters and starts talking bullshit related to any other person then you are known to be a twattwaffle. No one likes a person who talks ill about others and misuses their things for their purpose, you would be the same hated person if you are seeing hanging out with one of these people and this perfectly fits with the word.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What it’s like being this?

Being this is a very bad image of a person, people always avoid you whether you are seen in a club or a bar, or anywhere. It’s difficult that you to become a friend of anyone and only the solution is that you need to change yourself and be a good person but still, your reputation can not be regained and it stays the bad one. You can further search the twatwaffle memes and understand them better.

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