What does TWD mean in a text?


TWD meaning in the chat is most frequently used to refer to “Texting While Driving”. It is frequently used by law enforcement as an abbreviation for crimes involving the use of mobile phone features that call for text input (such as sending texts, emails, or inputting locations on maps) or extended focus on the touchscreen (e.g., reading text, studying a map)

TWD is mainly used in chat to let the other person know that you are replying slowly or will answer later because you are driving and have to maintain rules and regulations to avoid any fine or ticket. The user replies or sets an automatic reply to any call or text with TWD.


Jack: “Why is she taking so long ?”

Amy: “Just chill, maybe she is TWD so wait.”

What does TWD mean for a boy?

TWD displays the same meaning as it displays for another gender as this slang word is not gender-based, it only differs according to its usage in the context of the sentence. In some cases, boys use twd for some other purpose for example in the case of drug dealing.TWD also means weed, as twd is used as a code so that some other person can’t encrypt it.

Over manufacturing sites of building, twd mean construction as a sign to maintain a safe distance from that area by the pedestrian.

What does TWD mean for a girl?

As mentioned above, twd from girls refers to text while driving for boys there are chances that the slang is used for more than one meaning in their context. Over social media, girls use twd as a hashtag over the videos or other fun or meme content available as twd means TikTok which indirectly refers to that specific video that is taken or is also available on TikTok.

Even this hashtag is also used under properties websites or online websites which mean business.


What is the main origin of the term?


Since there are many different meanings for the term twd which is why giving credit to any situation for the origination of the twd would be unfair. However, the walking dead is the best reason for the origin of this. Also that the season got very famous hence causing the term to get famous as well.

What does it stand for?

Acronyms Definition
TWD The walking dead
TWD Texting while driving

More words that are similar in meaning:

What is the twd currency?

The term is known to be the latest currency of one of the states of China after the dollar. The currency made its way to the state after replacing the old Taiwan currency and has set itself a good value. The currency has a base unit of the Yuan and one Yuan forms up to 100 cents.

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