What do 100 bands mean?

100 bands

The literal meaning of the slang term 100 bands is one hundred thousand dollars. Now a 100 band in the text represents (100,000) dollars. If someone wants to text you about their need of some urgent cash of around 100 grand, they will just simply use this slang term or hunnid bands. This given slang term is mostly used around the Bay area also known as northern California. People of the bay area are famous for using slang terms in the text.


Josh: Hey, man what’s up Billy?

Billy: I am fine Josh what happened to you do you need your 100 bands back?

What does it mean in a text from a guy?

If a guy texts something with 100 bands in it then he must be talking about 100 stacks of bands a stack of bands has one thousand (1000$) dollars, so the 100 stacks of bands mean the amount of one hundred thousand dollars (100,000$).

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

In the text, it means an amount of money that is 100,000 dollars. This slang term has an alternative word, which is hunnid bands. The humid band term is a collection of two different words one is hunnid which represents 100 and the band shows the stack of a thousand dollars.


Definition One hundred thousand dollars
Type Abbreviation

What does it stand for?


The current generation of people has increased the usage of slang. Almost everyone uses them hunnid bands is a well-known slang it means that the amount of cash is 100,000 dollars or there is an alternative term present for 100 bands which is a hunnid band. Hunnid means one hundred (100) and band means a thousand dollars (1000$).

This given slang term is present for quite some time now and the concept behind it is that a stack of cash is held together by a piece of a band. So the people started to use the band to represent a stack of 1000 dollars (1000$) cash.

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What is the difference between the terms 100 grand and 100 bands?

There is no difference between these two slang terms both of these terms are used to represent an amount of one hundred thousand dollars (100,000$). The words grand and band both are used to define the cash amount of a thousand dollars.

One Grand = 1000$.

One Band = 1000$.

100 Grand = 100 Bands = 100,000$.

What does the term hunnid bands mean in Rap?


Rap singers mostly use slang terms to make their lyrics more interesting. In rap song lyrics the term band usually represents money. The literal meaning of the term is 100 stacks of a thousand dollars. In other words, the slang term simply represents a large amount of cash which is one hundred thousand dollars (100,000$).

Does the slang term come from the bay area?

Well, there is no proof available that this slang term came from the bay area. Although the people in the bay area are prone to use different slang words. However, it doesn’t mean they have invented every other slang that is present currently.

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