What does Stan mean?


This means that the person is an obsessed fan of a celebrity. In texting, it is usually a word to insult your friend that they are huge fans of something that doesn’t benefit them in any way. During a discussion with friends a text comes saying are you a stan of Taylor Swift you who are a devoted fan of Taylor swift will quickly reply yes.


Julia: I am a stan of Taylor swift I went to her concert many times in the past.

Josh: Yes I know that you are obsessed with Taylor swift.


Definition Devoted fan
Type Abbreviation

What does it mean in a text from a guy?

This term is used in the text to represent a crazy, devoted fan. In the world of the internet, people are using slang instead of proper words to save time, this slang term is well-known and anyone can understand it easily. There are types of fans some of them are very seasonal they come and go while a fan that gives a crazy amount of attention to their favorite celebrities is known as a stalker fan.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

In modern society, people usually tend to use slang and not actual words the slang Stan in texting means the same as mentioned earlier a stan is used for a fan that gives a crazy amount of attention to his/her idol or favorite celebrity. It almost feels like someone is obsessed with their idols so much that it affects their personal life.

What does Stan stand for?


As slang, the term is used for the person who is a devoted fan of a celebrity or some music group, etc. There are different types of fans out there some are seasonal fans but some fans are very enthusiastic and show extreme devotion to their celebs or music band.

Another way to describe it is that a person has posters of their favorite celebs in their rooms and that person never misses their movies or concerts in the case of a music band. Back in the day a lot of people stanned Backstreet Boys and Tom Cruise.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Why is it called stan?

Well, the reason behind it maybe relates to a song by Eminem some people believe that this word is a combination of two other words like fan and stalker this term first came in the spotlight back in 2000. When singer Eminem used the word stan in his song which was related to a crazy devoted fan of the musician and this man was on the edge due to no response of fan mail from his idol singer Eminem back in the day.

What does it mean in the urban dictionary?

The term is used to describe a type of fan who can go attain a certain level of obsession that the fan can do anything for their idols. This term first came into the spotlight through a song by Eminem.

What do you call a fan base of Eminem?


The fan base of the famous American singer Eminem is called the Stan base. This is understandable because this term was introduced in one of his famous songs back in the year 2000. This term is much more than just a fandom of Eminem it also is a very significant term for describing pop fans in the 21st century.

As we know, Eminem is one of the most famous singers he has won an Oscar too for one of his songs used in the movie the 8 miles. Therefore, the fan base of the singer is usually one of the largest among some other singers.

Is being a stalker fan toxic?

Yes according to an angle, anything that becomes obsession is dangerous because when you become obsessive about something and when you are unable to attain satisfaction from it you become aggressive and start to waste your time over obsessions this will hinder daily life responsibilities. Being just a fan is not harmful but being this can cause trouble in your life.

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