What does xd mean in a text?

In any text, It means to laugh while texting when we come across something extremely funny we simply write XD this denotes two closed eyes which means that a person is laughing extremely hard that person is not able to open their eyes and the D means an open mouth. The whole word combined becomes an expression of laughing extremely hard.

During a text currently, people tend to use slang because it saves time and conveys the message fast. It also represents an emoticon expressing laughing or happiness. The current generation mostly uses this emoticon after reading an extremely funny line or by commenting on a hilarious video or meme. This is one of the most used emoticons.


Jeff: Something really funny happened right now xD.

Josh: Tell me.

Jeff: My dog tried to jump from onto the bed but didn’t instead get slipped and got up real quick as if nothing had happened this made me laugh extremely hard.

What does it mean for a guy?

By the time you are texting someone and using this expression means that you are signaling happiness or in other words, it simply means the emoticon that expresses happiness. Now this is the most common text response to some funny line or reading some meme or maybe watching something extremely funny.

What does it mean for a girl?

The meaning of this term will mean the same the X represents the two closed eyes and the D shows that you have an open mouth. It also represents a laughing emoticon an emoticon that shows a laughing face. The use of this emoticon is more common among the new generation of kids. This usually is used when people want to show that they are extremely amused by the text.


What does it stand for?

The expression means the signaling of happiness. It is an emoticon that is used in text to express happiness on any matter. In this expression, the x means closed eyes and the d shows open mouth so by just looking at this distribution anyone can understand that it represents happiness.

While in the movies the acronym means extreme digital cinema. The first ever extreme digital cinema is the Cinemark XD theater in the extreme digital cinema the screens are extra large almost wall to wall so the experience is surreal.

What are lol and xd?

The lol means laughing out loud and the acronym is an emoticon that expresses happiness. LOL is an alternative to this expression. The Xd shows extreme laughing, for example, you’ve read an extremely funny text message and you are laughing so hard that you cannot open your eyes this can be denoted by this phrase.

Is this a laughing emoji?

Yes, It usually represents a laughing emoticon the X means squeezed eyes and the d indicates the open mouth as a whole this emoticon represents that a person is laughing extremely hard and that they have closed their eyes tightly and opened their mouth.

Is this emoticon still being used?

The answer is yes this term is still used as a go-to term for mentioning that you are amused by some meme, video, or text message. After nearly two decades this term is still widely used. While all the other text-based emoticons are being replaced by emojis in the current era the text-based emoticon is still not replaced because it is very convenient and easy to understand.

More words that are similar in meaning:

How to use this emoticon?

To use this simply go towards the emoji option and write XD it is easy to write and everyone will easily understand what you are trying to say to them. This is a text-based emoticon.

The most widely used term for this is LMAO XD that was hilarious. There is no hard and fast rule for the usage, anyone can use this in any sentence depending upon their respective needs.

What is the other word for this?

The other word used in place of this is LOL both of these are excessive in texting. The lol means laughing out loud. In this modern world of texting people tend to use emojis instead of writing actual words.

What is the Cinemark XD Theater?

The Theater is different from the normal movie theatre. In movies, It means extreme digital cinema. Now, the major difference between the two types of cinema is that in a theater, everything is bigger they use big wide screens almost wall-to-wall size screen. The whole experience is more immersive and impressive the emotions are running high the heroes are standing taller the depth of the movie increases in a theater.

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