What does Hunge stand for?

The first impression of this slang term is one hundred dollars. Well In the current age people are more focused on using slang instead of the proper word to deliver the same message in less amount of time now the other meaning of this can be taking care f the animals, for instance, giving them proper supervision.


What does Hunge Mean in a text?

Well, there are two most well-known responses to this, this in a text represents a one hundred dollar bill basically if you buy something for a hundred dollars it will be texted as you bought something for a hunge amount of money.

The other or the alternative meaning of the slang is to provide your animals with medicine and supplements by the use of force in other words taking good care of the animals mostly residing in the ZOO.


Emily: I got the theater tickets for three hunge.

Josh: This is great news thanks, Emily.

What does it mean in a text from a guy?

Well, as elaborated earlier this slang means a short form of saying one hundred dollars. While texting a lot of people tend to use slang instead of the actual proper wording. If you texted your friend that you have bought a video game for one hunge he will easily understand that you are talking about one hundred dollars.

You have selected a shirt and its cost is around one hundred dollars you will ask the shopkeeper about the shirt’s price and his usual reply to that will be that this shirt costs around 100$.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

The meaning of this in the text is the act of giving medicine or food supplements to those animals who are either ill or so small to feed by themselves by the use of force. Yesterday my cat got injured badly so I had no choice but to hunge my cat some food. Sometimes in a text, you say my cat needed hunging the receiver will understand that you are using the slang term for feeding the cat by force.

What does it mean to a veterinary doctor?

If you use the slang hunge in front of a veterinary doctor the doctor will understand that you are referring to the act of giving medicine or food supplements to those animals who are either ill or so small to feed by themselves by the use of force.

Veterinary doctors are doctors that specialize in animal health so whenever the term comes they alert themselves that their patients now need intensive care so they become a lot more focused on the health of their patients just like the other doctors.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does it mean to a new generation kid?

In the current times, in the age of the internet, the new kids are very attracted to using slang and terms that are related to money. Now the meaning of the slang hunge can also mean one hundred dollars. In other words, the gen Z kids are over-smart they usually think that the use of some slang term makes them cool so they use slang a lot as compared to the previous generation kids.

There are many examples present in the slang term it is one of the most used is as follows. Consider you are going to a fun fair and the cost of those tickets is two hundred dollars and you have bought the tickets now you want to text that to your friend so, you’ll write like hey man I got the tickets for two hunges.

What is the most used slang term for representing one hundred dollars?

As we all know that to save time and effort in texting modern people use slang to convey their messages. The mostly used slang term for the representation of one hundred dollars is called hunge. Now there are a lot of examples of how to use this slang term in texts the simplest way is to text your friend like hey do you have a one hunge on you?

Can the term be negative?

Well, the answer to this is no. The term is used to represent money. This slang is used by some people as a short form of describing a certain amount of cash which is around one hundred thousand dollars. In this world of the internet a lot of people have been changing their conversing styles and this slang term is quite popular.

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