What does muah mean in the text?

The purpose of using slang is to convey the message with the use of minimal effort and save a lot of time this slang term is very common and well-known to send someone a kiss as a result of affection people tend to text the word muah. Another definition can be that when I person hears good news or is affectionate about someone they simply text this which is a virtual way to kiss someone.

Now, this kiss can be both friendly and romantic the meaning depends upon the circumstances of the person writing or texting it and to whim that person is texting. If a person is texting this acronym to the wife then its nature will become romantic and if only texting it to a friend then the meaning can be friendly.


Person 1: Hey girl muah what’s up

Person 2: Nothing much waiting for your virtual kiss babe.

What does it mean from a guy in a text?

Well as it is mentioned earlier in the text that it means to give someone affection by sending them a virtual kiss on social platforms or by the means of texting. When a guy texts you this it may mean one of two meanings well again that depends upon the time and place and to whom he is texting. If a guy is texting her high school sweetheart then it will mean flirting while if he is texting it to a friend then he is happy about some exciting achievement of his homie.

What does it mean by a girl in a text?

This is a slang word used to give a virtual kiss to someone you care about or love. This word has many meaning meanings but all of these depend upon the person you are saying it to. If you are saying it to an intimate partner then the word will become romantic while if the receiver of the text is just a colleague from work or a friend then it becomes friendly.

If a girl texts this to a friend then she is amazed by her friend’s new position at work and is always happy for her. If she sends it to an intimate partner then it will mean she is in love with that person of interest.



What does it stand for?

In the world of homo sapiens, people can get attached to the people and things they love the most. Now this slang term represents a kiss to a loved one. Well as you know this is a world of technology gen Z kids mostly use slang terms instead of actual words. The term is used to send a virtual kiss to someone on a social media platform or via text as well.

Is this a romantic gesture?

Well the actual meaning of the word is to kiss someone now there is no reference to being romantic directly but when the person you texting or saying is in an intimate relationship with you then yes this term can become very romantic. Mist of the husband and wife out there who say text this word whenever they are on a  distant trip and are detached from one another.

Some high school sweethearts also use this slang term to show their affection for one another. However, if this slang term is texted to a friend then it is not romantic at all. So by the looks of it, everything depends on whom you are texting or saying muah to.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Can this term be derogatory?

The answer to that is simple. The word is used to convey to your friends or partners that you are affectionate about them if you text this to someone randomly then it can be derogatory and will cause you some trouble as well.

This word is strictly just for the people you are close to now in this category there will be two types of people one is your friends and one can be your partner with whom you share the bed and an intimate relationship. So you have to be careful with the fact to whom you are sending this text. If your choice of people is not precise then this word can be a red flag and will cause you trouble.

Can this muah term be giving away positive vibes?

The answer to that is yes, when you say Muah to someone this means that you like them or love them and when you tell someone that you love them this will always give away positive vibes.

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