What does fighting mean?


In the world of slang users, the term fighting means “Go for it”. This can be used to give someone confidence. Sometimes when people see someone struggling they usually back them up by boosting confidence. This slang is a Korean culture thing, Korean culture is different from the others. Korean people always try to boost the confidence of one another so that their nation can be one strong unit.

In the world of the internet and Gen Z people around a lot of people use slang terms instead of using actual words. So, slang fighting is getting more and more attention. Recently Korean culture is getting a lot of attention which is another reason that this slang is used in texting.


Ben: I told you honey I cannot do this task.

Wife: Don’t worry about it, just go for it.

What does it mean in a text from a guy?

Korean culture is getting a lot of attention lately from Gen Z kids and some other people as well. Now as discussed before in this article, the meaning of the given slang term is to go for it. Now it can be used as an expression to boost the confidence of the person on the receiving side of the text.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?


As everyone knows, girls usually feel things more than guys. So, when a girl texts fighting it means that she is concerned about your progress and she is telling you to get up and try your best to achieve the desired progress in the task at hand that you were so afraid to do. Usually, girls are more likely to boost the confidence of the people around them as compared to guys.


Definition Go for it
Type Abbreviation

What does it stand for?

In the world of slang users, the term fighting means “Go for it”. It is a form of encouragement in Korean culture. In their culture when you want to approve an enthusiastic plan you just simply use interjection this term. Interjection means a word that expresses a spontaneous action or reaction. The literal meaning of the term is to engage in a conflict aggressively. Still in texting the meaning used is go for it.

What does it mean in Korean Culture?

Compared to American or British culture, Korean culture is quite different. The word means to engage in a conflict with an aggressive intention while in Korean culture, it means to go for it means to approve some extremely enthusiastic plan or thought of a fellow countryman or friend, etc. Whenever a person comes to you and starts telling you that the person wants to start a company on his own then you tell that person to go for it.

This phrase will give them a huge amount of confidence boost, which will come in handy to achieve their enthusiastic plan of starting their own company. Now if you are jealous of the same person you will never want to back them up so you will try to discourage them to break their confidence which is the opposite of the term’s actual meaning.

Can the word be considered negative?


Depending on the circumstance, the answer will differ. If the term is used to engage in a fight will give a negative vibe. But if the same term is used to increase someone’s confidence then this term will give a positive vibe. There are many terms in the world of slang that have multiple meanings. They can be both positive and negative. The thing that matters is how you use the slang term in your life.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Can this slang be judged as vulgar?

The simple answer to it is No. The slang term can never be judged as vulgar. How can the term that boosts confidence be vulgar? The expression is used to back someone or to boost their confidence for the task at hand which they are having difficulty mastering. The expression goes for it gives positive vibes as it means to motivate someone while the vulgar terms always give negative vibes.

Is there another meaning of this slang?

Yes, another meaning of this slang is to engage in a conflict or an argument. Since the start of life, people have been fighting over various aspects of life. It is in our DNA but we possess the power to not fight. This term in life is different for every individual. The reasons can vary. Some people are fighting for love, some fight for the pride of their families, and some defend their races.

The reasons are different, as human beings, we should not fight. Nothing good happens from conflict, things only get worse and sometimes we lose the very people we love over some pointless argument that will never benefit us in any way. If we understand this one thing then the world will become a more enjoyable and happy place.

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