What does Fasho mean?


The meaning of this in a text environment is to show a sign of agreement and the literal meaning of the term is written as ‘For Sure’ now in response to a matter in which a person proposes a thing that is doable and makes sense then the obvious reply from your side would be Fasho.

The term is well known and anyone would understand immediately what you are trying to say in this matter. In the modern age of social platforms, this term is used excessively in conversations on these platforms. To show that you think that an idea is to your benefit then you will respond politely by simply saying this.


Ben: Hey, man! What’s up.

Josh: I am all right ben.

Ben: can you come to my house today?

Josh: Fasho, Why not.

What does it mean in a text from a guy?

In any text environment, the slang term means For Sure. Now when a guy at your office says Fasho after your request of picking up your lunch from the restaurant then it means that the guy is showing a sign of agreement to your given request.

This is a good gesture of being considerate to your colleague or relative by agreeing on doing something for them. A person has a good effect on the person whose work you are about to do and as a human being one should give good and positive vibes.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

In the modern age, people use slang more often. The girls mostly use slang to save time and it looks good nowadays to use slang when a girl texts you it means the same as discussed in the upper question the meaning of this is to show as a gesture of agreement on doing some activity or work if a person asks you to do it.

In addition, doing work for someone who always exhibits positive vibes and a person who exhibits positive vibes is always likable.


Definition For Sure.
Type Abbreviation

What does it stand for?


The slang is a well-known abbreviation that means ‘For Sure’. In modern society, people tend to use more slang as compared to the proper words. The purpose of slang is to convey the same meaning that the actual word does in a short period with minimal effort required.  Now it is used in a scenario where you show a sign of agreement on any matter.

What is the difference between Fosho and Fasho?

There is no difference at all both the terms mean to show a sign of agreement. When you think a work is doable and it makes sense and you want to do that with an extreme urge then the quick response to it is either fosho or Fasho which shows that you are agreeing to do that piece of work.

This slang is present for quite some time, but currently, it has become very trendy among gen Z kids. Modern kids find using slang very cool and stylish. That is why most of their texts include these slang terms and are mostly on social platforms.

Is this bay area slang?


Maybe and maybe not this word Fasho is a very versatile slang term in general, many people use this term as a response to agreeing on a matter or some work. This may not have originated from the northern California region because people in northern California have never used words like, okay, yes and you’re welcome.

The people of California region are at the pinnacle of modernization the gen z kids there are one of the cool ones so there these slang words are very common but it does not mean that the term is specifically a bay area slang. Different people with different age groups use this common slang all across the world.

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When did people start saying this term?


Like every other Slang, there is a history behind it. For the very first time, this slang was used in a hip-hop album that dates back to the era of the 90s. This specific album was released in 1994 on ‘Anotha level’.

Yes, this slang is almost 29 years old and this is one of the earliest references that are available for this word on the internet. This slang is present for almost three decades but in recent times, gen Z kids use this word often.

Can the word be negative?

Well, the answer is no it will not be considered a negative term. The literal meaning of the term is For sure. It represents a sign of agreement in doing some given task or project in hand. Therefore, the term gives some positive vibes and describes someone to be a gentlemen

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