What Does IKR Mean? [Texting]


IKR stands for “I Know Right”. The youthful age is fixated on the use of online media. Online media has additionally contributed a great deal in instructing individuals with comparable interests by making pages and different instructive gatherings. Then again, web-based media has additionally impacted the smooth course of learning; the slang used via online media is presently polished by understudies in their homerooms which influence their learning interaction.


Texter 1: Did u see what john did today

Texter 2: IKR! He was going on and on about that girl in front of his GF.

What does ikr mean in a text from a guy? 

Utilizing IKR is simple, use it at whatever point you need to say, “I know, right?” If someone says, “I don’t like to eat candies,” you could say, “IKR? I could never give candy to anyone!” If you need to be nasty, you could say “IKR?” after a friend lets you know how debilitated he is of web slang. If I guy texts you ikr meaning in the text.  It means he is simply not bothered by your texts.

What does ikr mean in a text from a girl?  

When a girl texts you, it means she is interested in the conversation. At the point when you sincerely concur with what your chat buddy is talking about, you can present this specific abbreviation.


Definition: I Know Right
Type: Abbreviation

What does ikr mean on Instagram? 


IKR meaning in Instagram means that the individual you are speaking with earnestly concurs with something you recently said. All in all, they are totally energetic about your contemplations. At the point when somebody says IKR, it doesn’t simply mean they concur with you. lkr meaning in the text means another party totally upholds your assertions. Think of it as a definitive type of approval. Ikr meaning in a text is basically text talk, however, the abbreviation is additionally considered internet slang. Therefore, this state frequently springs up via web-based media destinations, including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. IKR is famous in private talks, and you may likewise see it on memes.

What does ikr stand for and what is its meaning? 

Ikr. The importance would be: know, correct? It is feasible to present this shortened form when you concur with what your message friends are saying. lkr meaning in a text is as of now not a film statement or a slang of the cliché Valley Girl. Today, IKR abbreviation and full form is a piece of the metropolitan word reference and Google acknowledges it as well. Moreover, IKR text is a helpful initialism that individuals regularly use at whatever point they wish to communicate solid concurrence with others. We realize the shortening does not come from a respectable beginning however like most others that have surfaced since the web, it assists with speedy correspondence. Slang is utilized for words, expressions, and letters in order that individuals use in a relaxed environment for imparting or communicating their feelings. Online media slang has impacted learning in various ways.

When Did IKR Originate? 


IKR is a shortening that signifies “Yep, no doubt.”. This is a pervasive slang used broadly by all age bunches including the two teens and grown-ups. The WhatsApp slang meaning expression I know, right, is used in web-based correspondence and, in actuality. lkr condensing, lkr meaning in text, and lkr full structure turned out to be separated from web slang around a similar time as other text abbreviations. The expression I Know, Right and lkr meaning in the text has been an expression utilized, in actuality, some time before it turned out to be separated from online media shorthand. IKR was first utilized in electronic media in 2004.

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What does ikr mean on Snapchat? 

Thinking about all of that, the best opportunity to use ikr means on Snapchat the point at which you need to save time composing, and you know without a doubt that the individual you are speaking with will know what you mean. Then again, using it on Snapchat you feel that the individual you are speaking with will not get your significance, then, at that point, use something more conventional like “better believe it” or “OK” and avoid the abbreviation by and large may be really smart.

When to use ikr? 

IKR is a basic program to utilize – simply say, “I know, right?” at whatever point you need. You could answer, “I dislike the dog smell,” in the event that somebody says, “I dislike how dogs smell.”. My home can’t be affected by a smell. ” If you need to be sarcastic, you could say “IKR?”. You will hear him say “I’m tired of web slang” after you hear him let you know how wiped out he is. This abbreviation is every now and again utilized in casual correspondences like internet-based discussions or messages. You don’t have to compose IKR all in the covers. All things considered, you can essentially type ikr. It will fill a similar need.

Should You Capitalize or Punctuate IKR? 

You might see it without its capitalization (ikr), as a non-serious inquiry (IKR?), or as earnest understanding IKR or lkr meaning in the text. You can use a type of the shortened form, or then again on the off chance that that is not your thing, you can unquestionably illuminate the expression: “I Know Right.

Is IKR Rude? 

For the most part, IKR is a supportive explanation, however certain individuals might consider it rude depending on the unique situation and your tone. For instance, you propose snatching an umbrella. Notwithstanding, your friend says it’s excessive. It begins pouring and you both are dowsing wet. Afterward, your friend sends you a message that says, “I surmise I ought to have brought the umbrella!” You could answer with “IKR” and it could appear to be inconsiderate. It could imply that you concur, however it could likewise mean I told you so.

What Do You Reply to IKR? 

You can answer IKR with an emoticon or a positive remark. You can browse a smiley face, approval, or 100 as your emoticon.

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