What does DWP mean in the text?


DWP is used as an acronym for “Drunk while posting” when texting or on social media. This comes under the category of abbreviation as it is a printed term or phrase that has been simplified and is known as an abbreviation. The meaning of the text is drunk while posting over social networking sites; Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook.

This is used in the conversation to let each other know that some specific person is uploading some stuff online over their account when the person is drunk. When he or she is consumed by alcohol mostly uploads stupid or funny stuff. Friends discuss this whole gossip over their chatting section about how the other person is handling his or her account.


Alice: “Oh My God, did you check Joseph’s post?”

Daisy: “Yes, It seems that he was DWP.”

What does a DWP mean to a guy?

Chatting abbreviations or short-form phrases do not depend on gender nor are they specific to boys or girls. They are used in similar ways by both users. Boys use DWP over chat or even the conversation face to face in different senses but mostly they discuss how the other person is interacting with others over the communication sites.

Its meaning differs slightly when the guys in the police department use it in communication or over paperwork. In police, it means Driving Without Privileges which means that the person who is driving has no license or proper training.

What does a DWP mean to a girl?

To a girl it means the exact as it is for boys whether it is used for social networking sites, police or the military carries the same universal status. In the military, it means dislocated worker program. The meaning of this word varies according to the field a person is working in but when we consider its meaning in chatting then it is mostly about the post uploaded over internet sites. The girls mainly use it for gossip purposes.


Definition Drunk while posting
Type Phrase

What does it stand for?

It is sometimes used sarcastically in conversation with friends. They use the word to tell each other how immature and out of trend the other person is posting stories or posts over the internet. It is considered kind of rude because the user is making fun of the other over their particular choices.

What does it mean in banking?


This meaning in banking is quite different which is Department of Work and Pensions Cost of Living. This department is associated with the bank which handles policies and all the documentation related to the child maintenance policy, pensions, and other types of transactions done from person to person.

The Department for Work and Pensions has formed a new squad to combat benefit fraud and mistakes. For those receiving advantages claims can be looked into at any time, including throughout the holiday season. This investigation may involve keeping an eye on financial accounts, social media activity, or other forms of monitoring.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What is the origin of this word?

It is a slang word that originated when people or youngsters go clubbing or spend their entire evening consuming alcohol. Ninety percent of people are intolerant so after they get drunk they do some funny and irrelevant stuff. Now in the time of social media people do funny activities over their accounts so it is stated as drunk while posting and in slang language, it is stated as DWP.


What does this mean on Snapchat?

The meaning on Snapchat is the same as it is on other social sites where the person is posting some funny stuff which makes it seem as if he or she is drunk but it is not actually.

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