What does TC mean in text?


Take care, that’s what “TC” signifies. It is often used as a replacement for a greater word of adoration such as “love you” when the stronger phrase would be improper, for instance among lovers who were monogamously attached or who can’t be monogamously attached. In other words, it is a term of affection that is less intense than “love you.”

When used in the perspective of this discussion, it may be challenging to understand since it is often unknown if the sender intends to transmit a stronger phrase, is purposefully avoiding sending harsher terms, or is just being polite. It is also important to note that TC is often used despite the fact that its ambiguity is well understood.

In essence, it is a method of stating “I care about you” without going too far or being too obvious about it. You are the only one who can make sense of any possible underlying meaning. So tc means takes care in WhatsApp.


Texter 1 Ok I am leaving TC

Texter 2 You too

What does TC mean in a text from a guy?


If a male tells you “tc” from the bottom of his heart, it indicates that he thinks you are very special and that he loves you. When a male sends you a message that says, “Take care,” it signifies that he is ready to stop the discussion but can’t wait to start the next one.

He wants you to take care of yourself until he sees you or speaks to you again, and he is eager to start the next chat as soon as possible. In the event that you do receive this message, make it a point to show the other person that you share the same feelings by letting him know that you also think highly of him.

What does tc mean in text from a girl?

If a female tells you “tc,” it indicates that she thinks very highly of you since she does not say it to very many other people. This shows how precious you are to her. This indicates that she is genuinely concerned about you and wants you to take care of yourself since she feels the same pain that she does whenever one of your problems arises.

Due to the fact that you are both linked in this way, you should have a positive reaction to getting this message, and you should do your best to convey to her that you want her to look after herself. Above is what tc means from a girl.


Definition: Take Care
Type: Abbreviation

What is the origin of TC?


Since the 1580s, people have been telling one another to “take care” of something as a method to encourage them to show worry or interest in a particular matter. It originates from the Old Medieval English language.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What are other meanings of TC?

This expression, much like the vast majority of acronyms, is capable of standing in for a large variety of supplementary data and information. In point of fact, it is a description of an extremely huge number of distinct arbitrary keywords, titles, and other types of information, and it would take much too much time to explain every possibility here.

However, in addition to “Testicular Cancer,” “Technical Committee” and “Technical Communication” are a few of the other terms that might be represented by this acronym. Technical communication is what tc means in business.


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