What does Hmm mean in the text?

What does Hmm mean

The acronym HMM is often used in online conversations, however, it does not have a specific definition in any language. When someone responds with HMM, it usually means that they are thinking about what you just said or what you asked them to think about.

Hmm, meaning in WhatsApp chat is that the other person is thinking and will reply soon or it can also be used as a dry reply to annoying people.


Texter 1 Ok I am leaving TC

Texter 2 Humm…You too

What does hmm mean from a girl?

To put it gently, hearing Hmm means a girl who wants to put an abrupt end to the discussion. Hmm, that doesn’t seem to indicate that we should wait and see what occurs, does it? It only conveys a loud and clear rejection of the idea.

She does not want to interact with you in any way, including coming into contact with you, hanging out with you, or even talking to you. It’s just her polite way of letting you know that you shouldn’t put in too much exertion for her right now, and Hmm is her code for that.

What does hmm mean from a guy?

The fact that he has delayed his response for such a long time demonstrates that he is unsure of how to respond, which is shown by the use of the word “hmm” by a male. Do not take this as a personal attack on you since most males find it difficult to speak to women, especially the ones with whom they are emotionally attached. Do not take this as a personal attack on you. Above is what hmm means from a guy.


Definition: An especially annoying phrase that a boy will say or text you when you are trying to have an at least semi-meaningful conversation.
Type: Word

What do you say in response to hmm?

In recent years, it has been normal practice to answer with the word “hmm” when someone indicates that they desire to stop a debate. The most efficient way to get them to realize their mistake is to respond with “ok,” “ttyl,” and “bye.”

What are other meanings of hmm?

  • The person is now giving your message more thought and will get back to you as soon as they can with a satisfactory answer.
  • Because the person completely agrees with your concept, it might be interpreted as a version of the word “yes.”
  • The person disagrees with what you have to say and is contemplating what course of action to take next. He may answer quickly to explain why he disagrees.
  • The most typical reaction is to say “Hmmm” followed by the word “but.”
    As a consequence of the individual’s ennui, they have lost interest in the conversation that is taking place. This is the situation in which a significant proportion of people respond to the bulk of your message by saying “Hmmm.”

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Is hmm rude?

The notion that you are not listening to what the other guy is saying not only demonstrates that you are not interested in what they have to say, but it also creates the impression that you could care less about what they have to say. The relevance of what the other person is saying or has to say is diminished as a result of this impact.

When you respond “hmm,” it may also give the impression that you aren’t hearing what the other person is saying and that you will continue to do what you’re doing or what you had planned to do irrespective of what they have to say. This is another meaning of the word “hmm.” Because of this, you give the impression that you are disregarding or not paying much mind to anything.

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