What does IG mean in a text?


The abbreviation “IG” represents the expression “I guess”, “In-game” and “Instagram” depending on the unique situation. In instant messages and talk, IG, by and large, signifies “I guess” while via web-based media and other sources, “IG” generally relates to Instagram.


Texter 1 Can we meet at the Italian restaurant tomorrow?

Texter 2 IG but you will have to pick me up.

What does ig stand for slang? 

If you somehow happened to investigate the abbreviation “IG” in slang language. You would observe that the abbreviation is short for significantly something other than the two models referenced previously. Do various people ask what does ig means in discord? In the realm of business, this abbreviation is short for some organizations and associations. It is likewise a shorthand shortened form for some building processes.

What does on ig mean in text?

The utilization of “ig” on the web, outside of a business or interaction name, can likewise mean vested party, overlook, iron golem or oblivious. Frequently the utilization of this abbreviation, even in its most well-known structures, should be perceived from the setting it is being utilized in.


Definition: I Guess
Type: Abbreviation

What does ig mean in the text on Snapchat? 


If you are a regular user of Snapchat you have been messaging your friends with various slang words. You will more likely use abbreviations.

What does ig mean in text messages? 

People question what does ig means in the text? Without any doubt, ‘IG’ is one of the most used slang words on social media which means “I guess” or “Instagram.” Both variations are broadly utilized. Many people ask what does ig means in text talk. Basically, the conversationalist decides the IG condensing significance from the circumstance.

There are two clear motivations behind why conversationalists could utilize this abbreviation:

  1. It is an extraordinary method for accelerating correspondence.
  2. You don’t sit around typing “I guess” or “Instagram” and simply write the short form to save your time.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does ig mean on Instagram? 


A lot of people question what does ig means in the text? Actually texting is a slang word that alludes to the creation and transmission of short electronic instant messages between at least two cell phone clients over a network. This generally implies sending messages without any than 100 characters, despite the fact that it has now been reached out to incorporate sound, pictures, and video content, known as mms. Here Ig in a text just signifies “I guess”.

What does ig mean in tiktok? 

As you all know the answer of What does ig mean in text slang? Most individuals who have at first joined Tittok use it as an interpersonal organization to keep in contact with their companions and to share photographs from get-aways and trips. In any case, presently the stage can offer them considerably more. It is of the top sources of social media. In TikTok, Ig is used for I guess.


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