What does NKW mean in a text?

NKW is an abbreviation of ‘Not known where’ It is often used in texting when someone tries to tell the other person that they do not know about the location of a particular person, place or thing.


Texter 1 Can we meet at the Italian restaurant tomorrow?

Texter 2 NKW it is but yeah I am down for that.

What does NKW mean in a text from a boy?

NKW is not gender-specific. A boy might be asked by his friends or peers about the location of a particular place, thing, or even a person, and the guy might reply with a simple NKW ‘Not known where’ this implies that he has no knowledge about a particular location or address. In a text from a boy, NKW could also stand for ‘North Korea Won’ to show a communist inkling or mindset; however, this meaning is pretty rare in texting.

What does NKW mean in a text from a Girl?

It’s the same. Due to its unisex nature, the word doesn’t change its meaning whether it’s from a boy or a girl.


Definition: Not known where
Type: Abbreviation

What does KW mean in texting?

KW means ‘Known World’ which refers to the knowledge about the geography of the world along with the scientific, archaeological, and historical artifacts, objects, and natural beings including animals and human beings. The known world refers to whatever we have already discovered about the world.

In texting, KW could also mean ‘Kinda worthless’ which could refer to a specific person, object, or thing to show repulsion. It means that a person is of no value, they have nothing worthwhile to offer, they might be laid back, apathetic, lazy, indolent or they may not possess knowledge or they may have little insight about the world or how it operates. When referring to an object, it could mean it is useless, it could malfunction or one might face trouble while using it. For example, one might say ‘my car is KW’ meaning it is kinda worthless, it gives me a lot of trouble, it is shabby and most of the time I have to work extra hard to make it functional.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does NK mean in a text?

NK means ‘Not kidding’ this means that the person is not joking or fooling around, they are pretty serious, they should be taken seriously. For example, a guy might text his friend to tell about a particular incident, while telling them about it they might make a remark that seems funny or perhaps it is hard to believe therefore the guy might utter ‘NK’ meaning ‘Not kidding’ there is nothing funny about the incident, it was a serious business. NK often comes up in conversations between friends when they try to convince the other person that they are in earnest, they are not trying to be funny.

On the other hand, in texting, NK can also mean ‘New Kid’ this can refer to a new kid in your school or a new kid in the neighborhood or if you work in an office, this could refer to the new co-worker. In a text conversation, you could utter ‘The NK seems like a nice person’ meaning ‘The new kid seems like a nice person

What does NLW mean in a text?

NLW means ‘No limit world’ this refers to a game. In texting, NLW could also refer to ‘Non-Lying Walrus’ this can be used when you are trying to convince the other person that you are telling the truth or you try to reinforce your statement by saying NLW. A guy might be having a conversation with a friend which sounds phony, therefore, in order to reinforce his truth he writes down ‘NLW’

What do these acronyms mean on social media?

These acronyms ‘NKW’ ‘KW’ ‘NLW’ are used on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. People often post their selfies on Instagram and try to show off a more refined version of themselves to the world, they might receive mean comments from groupies or peers which includes acronyms like ‘KW’ which usually means ‘Kinda Worthless’

Such comments are posted in order to demean someone or they are used as a form of trolling. These comments often leave an indelible mark on the Instagram user and their public image. On Snapchat, people post stories that could receive similar negative feedback.

What does KW mean for a girl?

KW is not gender-specific, in internet language, it could mean ‘Known World’ or ‘Kinda Worthless’ Known world refers to the world that we have discovered or have knowledge about. Kinda worthless is written to show that a specific thing or person is worthless. A girl might text her friend that her new collection of makeup or jewelry is Kinda Worthless. She feels as though she has wasted all of her money on these worthless, low-quality, cheap items. KW also refers to the popular musician ‘Kanye West’ one could refer to his music or his persona using the abbreviation ‘KW’

What does * * mean in texting?

When you use an asterisk in a text, it could mean that you want to censor a particular word, you are afraid that the other person might get offended or you might be talking to someone who is not used to hearing such swear words, therefore, using an asterisk is the safest option. Sometimes people incorporate asterisks in the middle of a word or they might place it in the beginning or the end of a word, the purpose is to conceal the word or place a censor on it. You use asterisk because you think the other person might respond negatively or they might lash out at you if you used an offensive word.


There are a couple of acronyms including NKW, KW, NLW that are used in texting, they could refer to Not known where, Kinda worthless, Known world or Non-lying walrus. These acronyms are mostly used in texting and are not part of everyday face-to-face conversations. They are used to show when someone does not know about the location of a person or thing, when someone feels that a thing or person is worthless and has nothing to offer, they are used to refer to the discovered world or to justify the validity of someone’s statement.

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