100 bands

What do 100 bands mean?

The literal meaning of the slang term 100 bands is one hundred thousand dollars. Now a 100 band in the text represents (100,000) dollars. If someone wants to text you about their need of some urgent cash of around 100 grand, they will just simply use this slang term or hunnid bands. This given slang…

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What does TPE mean?

Apart from being a social term the abbreviation TPE also stands for “Total power exchange” and is a sort of connection that is referred to by the acronym TPE. Although they are not physically participating in a scenario, it is implied that the dominant person retains total power and jurisdiction over the subordinate in all aspects and…

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sweet disposition

What does sweet disposition mean?

A sweet disposition between two people is typically regarded to be loving and friendly, durable and eternal even if for a short meeting. This is because, in psychological interactions, sweet dispositions are associated with positive emotions. The endearing nature of a personality, a tender encounter, a loving embrace, a tear, or a kiss. The feeling…

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What does DP mean in Facebook?

For free, you can connect with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers you’ve not met in real life on Facebook. As long as it’s legal, anybody may upload and share whatever they choose on the site, from photographs and videos to music and even articles. Posting status updates on Facebook about your daily activities is…

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