What does Hmm mean in a WhatsApp?

Hmm mean in a WhatsApp

The term HMM is often used in chats and does not have a formal meaning. HMM often indicates that the individual is thinking about what you stated or requested them to think about.


Texter 1 Can we meet at the Italian restaurant tomorrow?

Texter 2 Hmm… I am not free tomorrow can we do it at a later date?

What does hmm mean from a girl?

Hmm from a girl is a conversation-killer, to put it mildly. Hmm, it doesn’t imply let’s see what happens. It just expresses a resounding nay. She doesn’t want to encounter you, nor does she want to hang out with you, or even speak with you. Hmm is simply her kind way of informing you that you shouldn’t put in too much effort for her at this time.

What does hmm mean from a guy?

Hmm from a guy reflects a lack of confidence in how to answer is evident by the fact that his response has been postponed for so long. Do not take this as a personal jab at you, since most guys find it difficult to talk to women, even those with whom they are romantically involved.


Definition: Thinking about what was just said
Type: Abbreviation

What does hmm mean in Urdu?



In Urdu hmm means to convey feelings of pondering or hesitancy.

Hmmm, full meaning?

This is a sound you make when you’re not sure what to say next, when your feelings are conflicted, or when you’re thinking about something. When responding to a complicated question that demands a short pause, you may use the phrase hmm as an example of how to respond, this is the full meaning of hmm.

How to pronounce hmm?


To pronounce hmm, when you say Hmm, it is pronounced precisely the way it has been written.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does it mean in the text on WhatsApp in English?

“Hmmm” may have a variety of connotations in the text on WhatsApp depending on the situation in which it is spoken, and is largely dependent on the person who says it.

The most often seen applications of hmm are as follows:

  • The individual is still deliberating over your message and will respond as soon as possible with an acceptable response.
  • In a way, it’s a form of “yes” since the individual completely accepts your idea.
  • The individual does not agree with you and is still deliberating about his position. He may respond shortly as to why he does not agree. “Hmmm,” accompanied by a “but,” is the most common response.
  • The individual has become disinterested in the talk as a result of his or her boredom. This is when you get a large number of “Hmmm” responses in response to the majority of your message.

What do you say in response to hmm?

When someone intends to finish a discussion, it has been common practice to respond with hmm in recent years. Replying with ok, ttyl, and a bye is the most effective technique to make them understand their error.

Is hmm rude?

Hmm might be rude or not. The fact that you’re not paying attention to what the other person is saying shows your lack of interest, but it also gives the appearance that you don’t care. It has the effect of diminishing the significance of what the other person has to say or has to say. Hmming may also imply that you aren’t really listening to what someone has to say when you say, “hmm,” and that you will go ahead and do what you want or had meant to do regardless of what they have to say. You seem to be ignoring or not paying much attention to anything because of this.

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