What does ^^ mean in a text?

What Does ^^ Mean? [Texting]

^^ Represent Happy Face. Regardless of whether you are not an ordinary texter, you are certainly acquainted with emoticons. Believe it or not, the plural is equivalent to the solitary. They show up in promoting, in inscriptions, and in recordings. In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries even proclaimed an emoticon to be the expression of the year: “face with bittersweet tears euphoria,” also called “crying chuckling.”


Texter 1 OMG! What you did today was very hilarious!!! ^^

Texter 2 IKR!

What does ^^ mean in a text from a girl? 

It has a charming, cheerful face. By and by I love the ^^ variety. Isn’t it obvious? it’s a kitty, see her little paws on your screen!^^ makes next to no difference specifically with the exception of the vertical eyes which give it a blissful agreeable look.

What does ^^ mean in a text from a guy? 

Messaging has certainly improved our everyday correspondence. However, it additionally has the nasty side effect of leaving a ton of hazy situations with regards to false impressions.


WORD: ^^
Definition: Happy Face
Type: Emoticon

What does ^^ mean in a text response? 


The emoticon implies you’ve had a couple too much, or numerous too much. It can likewise imply that the client is drained, excessively passionate, or plain befuddled. Or on the other hand, as per a well-known image, it addresses the idiotic face men make when they attempt to look provocative. The history of emoji goes back farther than you could suspect, and with the north of 60% of individuals more than 35 seeing themselves as “incessant” emoticon clients, there’s no question that emoticons are digging in for the long haul. Be that as it may, for all the emoticons zooming around in our texts and inscriptions, there is not a ton of agreement on those emoticon meanings.

What does ‘^^’ mean in texting? 

Time to break out the sneering face emoticon to ensure your attractive allusion lands. Adding this emoticon to a message shows you are being a tease or sending an interesting message. Via online media, it can likewise mean you are feeling conceited and smug on the grounds that you recently accomplished something hotshot.

What does ‘^’ mean when texting?

It is regularly utilized as a living sign of clumsiness, dissatisfaction, irresoluteness, or muddled abdication, as though saying,  Oh well!

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does  mean in a text? 

The emoticon feels generally warm and fluffy inside. This emoticon is utilized to communicate good sentiments, from joy to appreciation to fondness. As a result of its ruddy cheeks, certain individuals utilize the emoticon to convey naughty looks.

What does btw mean in text? 

Btwn is a contraction for “between” usually found in instant messages and on the web. It basically eliminates the vowels from the word to save money on characters. The truncation might be utilized for different reasons, such as imparting a window of time or noticing the distinction between individuals or articles. Btwn seems to be comparable to BTW but without the “n” signifies “incidentally”.

What does stud mean in text? 


A man who is prominently virile and physically dynamic. an attractive man with an appealing build.

What does omd mean in text? 

OMD is an abbreviation or contraction word that is characterized in straightforward language. We will incorporate it during the next update of our data set. Kindly be educated that some regarding our abbreviations and their definitions are made by our guests. In this way, your idea of new abbreviations is exceptionally welcome. You can additionally look down and tap the language menu to track down implications of OMD in 42 other languages.

What does smh mean in text? 

In messaging and composing, SMH means “shaking my head”. The term communicates dissatisfaction, shame, or confusion with respect to a particular subject or snippet of data. Assuming that somebody answers a message or tweet with “SMH”, they are communicating disillusionment at the substance of the message.

What does otp mean in text? 

A shortening of the expression “one genuine blending.” The term OTP is by and large saved for a matching that you incredibly transport, the one you put stock in over all others.

What does * mean in texting? 

It tends to be utilized to communicate love, support, esteem, bliss, and excitement especially toward different things.

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