What does RQ in the text mean?


RQ is a slang language that is used in the texts by the users to express their words more shortly. RQ  abbreviation is real quick, random question or rage quit (in terms of gaming). There is more than one meaning to the slang as you have seen above as each meaning indicates a different sense in different contexts. In this article, we will try to let our readers know besides its meaning, how it is used in texts over different social media.

“Real quick” is shorthand for “very swift.” When someone wants to let someone know that they will arrive soon or that they are working quickly, they could use the abbreviation RQ in a text message. When a gamer gives up in a fit of wrath, typically after coming so close to victory but falling short, they are said to have committed a “rage quit,” as defined by the dictionary.


Texter 1 Hey need help I am dying here kill this demon! HEY, YOU HERE?

Texter 2 ZZZZ…..

Texter 1 F this I am RQ.

What does RQ mean in a text from a boy?


Rq’s meaning in text slang is not specific for any gender as it carries the same meaning for both genders. Boys mostly use this slang while playing video games while communicating with other players. As RQ meaning in the game is surrender. Moreover in text, it is used to demand anything urgently from the person they are texting; it can be either any sort of help or any command or order.

What does RQ mean in a text from a girl?

As for the girls, it is the same,  with similar meaning in every context as it is either for the gaming or the text. Slangs are usually used in conversation between friends as for the boys.RQ is a unisex slang.


Definition: Rage Quit
Real Quick
Type: Abbreviation

What does RQ mean in social media text?


Social media is a vast network that connects you with your friends that you had met in person or only met through social media. Slangs are mostly used over social media texting apps like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat.  RQ meaning on Twitter and TikTok is real quick besides replying or commenting RQ is also used as hashtags.

As we move on to the RQ mean in Snapchat and Instagram it carries a similar meaning in the context and hashtags. They are just a couple of words users use to deliver their context to the other person. In most cases it is used to get the attention of the opposite person instantly, demanding them to show up or in other ways, you demand something really quick whether it can be an address, image or link, etc.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Rq meaning beside text?

Besides text, Rq carries meaning in biology which is the respiratory quotient.RQ is the ratio of carbon dioxide exhaled during respiration to oxygen taken in during the same period.  Risk intelligence is the meaning of RQ in business as it is the capacity to collect data that allows for the identification of workplace uncertainties.


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