What does QQ mean in text?


QQ stands for also “crying”. QQ is so popular in China because there are a lot of things named after Q for example (Q Money). Another main use of QQ in china is mini cars produced by an automobile  (Qi Rui 奇瑞) a Chinese company to get avoid confusion on the internet QQ is often used for many other slangs we will let you know to increase your general knowledge by telling you most common use of slangs of QQ. QQ is an emotion that you have to pronounce like [kyoo-kyoo]

There’s also QQ meaning in a letter which means “crying” there is another slang for office use QQ meaning in the email which means  “Quick Quit” (Internet slang) and QQ emoji meaning are “”  and QQ meaning in gaming might be used against the person who is weak in gaming and unskilled it might be a taunt as its mean is “Crying”.


Texter 1: QQ

Texter 2: Awww what’s wrong honey why are u crying.

What does QQ mean in text from a guy?

Guys are very humble in using slang in text qq has various mean and slangs so it should be very clear to understand the topic in which you are getting qq from a guy might be dependent on that topic and easy to understand because guys also use much slang because everyone love foods so qq meaning in food in Chinese ”the bounciness associated with fresh handmade fishballs, glutinous rice balls, and certain types of noodles” Chinese people love foods all over in the world.

What does QQ mean in text from a girl?

This word is commonly used by girls to their friends and family because girls to do slang in every way because they don’t want to miss these slangs girls use many words in short like qq in texting short text and much more and getting a qqq means slang from a girl cannot say anything without a situation anyway QQQ mean slang is ”Quotidian Quotable Quote (Maggie’s Farm)”…


Definition: Crying
Type: Abbreviation

What does QQ mean in the text on Snapchat?


This word on Snapchat use a lot by a huge number of people but it has different slang mean in Snapchat q.q mean is “Quit” western people use it on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram it has different mean from chinses slang the meaning of qq is the same as on Twitter and TikTok has the same variation of quit or a quick question.

What does it mean in text slang?

There are thousands of slang words on the internet planet now a day people are friendly to use slangs instead of typing a whole word so here we will let you know all new slangs with their meaning in common use will explain In this paragraph one of them is what does qq mean sexually which mean  “Queer Questioning” which means a person who is still trying to find out his/her gender confirmations and QQ meaning business which means ”Quarter Over Quarter”.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does it mean in text messages?


Instagram has the same meaning as other social media platforms have as you’re welcome is the best definition of this slang Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote the new slang it has the fastest community for using slangs words in this modern era and a lot of teenagers love to use slangs on social platforms to save time and make the conversation more comfortable they also use a slangs most common knowns as qqq meaning in the text which means ”Quotidian Quotable Quote” there’s another qqs meaning in the text which means ”Quick Quick Slow (dance)”.we will put a list below to help you more to understand the exact slang which one you need. qqh meaning in the text is also listed below.

Acronym Definition

  • QQH      Every Four Hours
  • QQS Quick Secure Setup
  • QQS Qua-Quine Starch (protein)
  • QQS Quick Quick Slow (dance)
  • QQS Qualifying Quota Share (insurance)
  • QQS Quality Quidditch Supplies
  • QQS Quality and Quantity Systems (Curacao, Netherlands Antilles)
  • QQS Quality-Quantity Simulation
  • QQS Quick Quality Scan

What does it mean in text language?


”why QQQ” there is a stock exchange market which is called QQQ ETF throughout bull markets, the QQQ ETF pays shareholders handsomely, and it has the possibility for long-term gain, accessible liquidity, and minimal costs and QQQ full form is  ”NASDAQ 100 Index Tracking stock”.. “QQ” is a common word slang it has been using by everyone almost. It’s relaxed and quick, but it’s probably not a choice you’d make in a professional situation. As a result, don’t use it against your boss until they’ve used short or text chat with you first.

What does QQ mean in text talk?

The tightening QQ can be used in a variety of casual situations as a quick and intelligent response to someone else expressing thanks. The qqq represents a lot of slang we have listed below. One of them is very creative slang xdg meaning in a text which means ”XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) Design Guide”. Although friendly, this is a casual way of addressing someone and should consequently be avoided in the professional decision.

Acronym Definition

  • QQQ NASDAQ 100 Trust (ticker)
  • QQQ Triple Quadrupole (mass spectrometry)
  • QQQ Quotidian Quotable Quote (Maggie’s Farm)


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