What Does KN Mean?

What does KN mean in the text?

Kn is a type of slang originated by English speakers and then making it trendy in conversations. This could be done for kicks, cleverness, or pleasure. It could also serve as a means of self-expression, a way of deliberately striking contrast or sparking debate. It’s most popular among the young, but people of all ages use it. KN means quien in the text over social media.

Well, quien is a Spanish word that translated into English stands for the word who. Who is a subjective pronoun which is used in the sentence to refer to a person by creating an expression in the form of a question? Sometimes simple slang can turn into a racist comment or phrase for someone if we add the word slur at the end of KN.

KN slur means a comment intended to be offensive. This type of slang is used to show hate and discrimination against another group of people by certain ones.


Texter 1 Hey I have kn John for quite a long time.

Texter 2 That’s great since when?

What does KN mean in text from a boy?

As mentioned above in the article, it is only a subjective pronoun, so in terms of grammar, things remain the same for both genders. As who refers to a person unanimously not indicating gender type. If a boy uses it in the text then, it shows that he is having an informal conversation with the person who exists in his comfort zone. In most cases, youth find this slang cooler than the original word.

What does Kn mean in text from a girl?

Kn carries the same meaning for girls and boys as this slang doesn’t lay restriction boundaries based on gender. There are rare cases in which language creates boundaries between the genders. If the girls use this slang then it doesn’t change its meaning or the purpose of its use. The purpose is to just create a friendly conversation.


Definition: Known Like
Type: Abbreviation

What does Kn mean over social media?

Youth wants to look cool and unique when they represent themselves on social media. They intend to use captive captions on Instagram posts and most of the time these slang words like kn are inserted to create a catchy impression.

Kn meaning on Instagram chat just to carry on or start a conversation with your online friends over the globe, slang helps you to connect.  On Snapchat it does the same with your friend list which shows shifting to another social media does change the context. So it has the same meaning on Snapchat as well as on TikTok and Twitter.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Other slangs used 

Knk means Know Need to Know in chat which is a phrase just to cut off the topic at the instant.  This is a phrase used when one knows they’ll only get the necessary or personally relevant details. The acronym km has multiple abbreviations, unlike KNK, for example, kiss me. kilometer and keep mum. There may be more meaning to it as it is not an official or formal language setting restrictions to their meaning.

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