What does Geexor mean?


Older people, especially older men, are frequently called “geexors” in the English language. The phrase can be used to express respect, affection, or connection with the subject of the reference. Likewise, it may be applied negatively to indicate that the subject is out-of-date, out-of-touch, or otherwise beyond their age.

According to urban dictionaries, It can be considered a humorous or cute phrase in certain situations, while being insulting or harsh in others.


Playful: “Look at that geezor over there wearing his old-fashioned suit. He must be stuck in the 1950s!”

British slang: “Those football hooligans were a bunch of proper geezors, always causing trouble on the streets.”

What does this mean by a guy?

The term is frequently used in a casual or pleasant context to refer to an elderly man and when used by a boy or a guy to refer to another male. The term can be used favorably or negatively, depending on the situation and the conversation’s tone. Using it playfully to make fun of someone’s age or out-of-date fashion is another approach to expressing appreciation for an elderly person’s knowledge.

What does this mean by a girl?

It usually means that a female is using the term in its popular usage to refer to an older guy, normally in a lovable or fun manner. Nevertheless, this usage is less frequent. The phrase may be employed more commonly to refer to any male, regardless of age. In general, the topic and tone of the discussion will determine if a female using the term is positive or negative.


Definition Old People
Type Abbreviation

What does Geezer mean in slang?

This is a generic term for an elderly person, generally a man. It may also be used to characterize someone who is out of contact with modern society or who is considered outdated. In some contexts, especially in British slang, the term can also be used to describe a robber or a tough, streetwise person. Nevertheless, this meaning is less frequent than the phrase’s older-person reference in a more generic sense.


Why are men called geezors?

Even though its exact origin is unclear, the term is said to have come from the UK in the late nineteenth or mid-twentieth century. It is believed to have come from the previous slang term “guiser,” which indicated someone who dressed up or assumed a different identity in Essex.

The term has changed over time to apply to older men more generally, probably due to older men being associated with conventional or outdated methods of wearing and acting.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does it stand for?

Acronyms Definition
Geexor Old Man
Geexor Old Fashioned

What age is a geezer?

The term is typically used to describe people who are middle-aged or older, however, this is not a set rule. The age range might be between 40 and 70 or even older, and the definition of what makes someone “older” can change based on cultural and historical variables.

When a person becomes a “geezer,” no particular age is necessary. However, based on the situation and the viewer’s viewpoint, the specific age range might change when using the word to refer to an older guy.

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