What does Fetty mean in the text?


Fetty means a “Flirtatious Man”. This given slang is used to define some characteristics of a man. If a woman texts a male Fetty then she likes that male. Because the meaning of this slang is amusing, likable, and flirtatious male.


Bob: “ What  do you want for these packets?”

David: “My demand is 200 fatty.”

What does it mean in a text from a Guy?

If a guy texts someone Fetty then It means that he is impressed by some characters of that specific make person and is trying to compliment him. Most of the time girls use this word because the meaning of this specific slang in the text is to define some different characters of a male person. In addition, guys usually don’t use this word. The use of this slang is not prohibited, though.

What does it mean in a text from a Girl?

Well, if a girl texts a male figure Fetty then this means she got impressed by his likable and flirtatious characteristics and she is giving him a compliment. Because many girls like a likable, amusing, and flirtatious male. In this era of the internet and the increasing population of Gen Z kids, this specific slang is gaining more and more publicity. Many people have replaced the usage of actual words with slang.


Definition Money
Type Term

What does Fetty stand for?

This is used to define a man who has some good qualities like he is amusing and likable, a man who knows how to entertain people around him. Another characteristic of a man that this word elaborates on is that he is quite flirtatious and always is a ladies’ man. Most of the females like some flirt here and there. However, it should be in a very controlled manner anything in excess can cause trouble.

Is Fetty derogatory?


There is no straight answer to that question, but it is a bit complicated. This specific term is not categorized as a derogatory term. There are no negative vibes associated with this slang term. A term that is associated with some negative vibe and a negative feeling is categorized as a derogatory term.

While the meaning of this slang is used to define some characteristics of a man. The characteristics are amusing, likable, and flirtatious. Yes, sometimes flirtatious can be categorized as derogatory because if a girl is not liking your this character then doing this can cause trouble for you.

More words that are similar in meaning:

Are there any other meanings of Fetty?

One or two other meanings are associated with this term. This slang term is commonly used to refer to money. A slang can have more than one meaning depending upon which type of scenario using the word in one scenario this slang is used to describe some traits of a male while in another the meaning can be money.

Many rappers have used this slang in their songs. In an interview, rapper Gucci Mane said that Fetty is used to describing money.

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