What does FB mean in Text?


The platform Facebook is referred to as FB in shorthand. The use of the term #Facebook on Twitter is an illustration of FB.


Sender 1 Send Me your FB link so we can become friends on it.

Sender 2 Ok

What does FB mean from a boy?

For a boy FB or a friend with benefits means nothing or it could be a way for them to avoid a real thing.

What does FB mean from a girl?

If it’s a friend with benefits maybe not initially but eventually a girl might catch some feelings. But the majority of girls don’t like this arrangement with friends and may consider this bad also.


Definition: FaceBook
Type: Abbreviation

What does FB mean on Instagram


Instagram is a social media platform where you follow other people and get to see what they are doing and get all kinds of updates using it, FB in terms of Instagram and TikTok means “ follow back”, when you follow a person you also want a follow back so that you both can stay connected so this term means that you are demanding for a follow back. Following each other can increase your following and followers as well and nowadays people are very much in demand to increase followers so that more people can know them and stay updated.

What does FB mean in text language? 

If you are a sports person and you love to play football and whenever you have to play instead of typing a long message you can simply use the term FB which also means Football, these abbreviations are the best time savers and delivers accurate meaning with the sentence, also that it depends on the context of the sentence and its meaning varies from sentence to sentence.

What does Fb mean sexually? 

Many people ask what does FB meaning sexually. The term “FWB,” short for “friend with benefits,” refers to a friend with whom one engages in sexual activity sometimes. When you’re in a friendship with privileges situation, you’re merely pals who hang out and have sex with one other from time to time. It’s possible that persons who have a friend-with-benefits relationship can date other people with no restrictions.

For the most part, they don’t have a long-term commitment to each other when it comes to actual activity. Even while falling in love with your girlfriend or boyfriend is quite common, it’s also an indication that you are an emotionally stable person who is capable of developing and growing complicated feelings. To be proud of that is the right thing to do, not embarrassed of it.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does FB mean on sites?


When you visit different sites in need of some information or any product and after you have received it or bought the product then the user demands a FB which means Feedback so that they can know how satisfied you are with the information you have received or the product you have bought. Giving feedback is a good way for the company to know how much the customers are happy with their service and if there is any need for change in the way they work.

What does FB mean in slang texts? 

You are having a fight with your friend over texts and you are not in a mood of stretching the conversation so you use the slang term FB which means Fuc* buddy, this term shows your anger and also that you aren’t interested in having this conversation anymore. There are many more abbreviations to this also like Fckin* bitch, this may sound rude but people don’t have control over their anger, but now these words have become very common and many people use them in regular conversations.

What is FB in terms of social media?

Signing up for a free Facebook account gives you the opportunity to interact with friends, family, coworkers, and even individuals you’ve never met in person. It’s a place where individuals may post and share anything they want, whether it’s photos, videos, music, or articles. Facebook’s primary goal is to facilitate communication among friends and family members. The greatest approach to staying in touch with loved ones is to post status updates on Facebook.


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