What does a Dillhole mean in the text?


The Dillhole is a slang term that means a person who lacks intelligence and common sense; it is used to define a worthless stupid idiot. This is a mild insult, If you want to mildly insult someone you simply text them the term “Dillhole”.


Josh: I am sick and tired of my new boss.

Miranda: What happened josh why are you so upset?

Josh: My boss is a complete Dillhole; He just does not have the intelligence and the people skills.


What does it mean in a text from a guy?

Dillhole is a slang term for insulting someone. If you explain your point clearly, everyone will understand. The literal meaning of the term is an individual who lacks people skills and is worthless.

What does it mean in a text from a girl?

If you are texting and a completely stupid idiot, starts to annoy you then the first term that will come to mind will be a Dillhole. The term Dillhole in a text is used to tell that someone is a stupid idiot and lacks the intelligence to grasp some of the easiest of concepts.


Definition Dumbass
Type Abbreviation

Can the Dillhole be a bay area slang?

There is no hard proof that the slang dill hole is from the bay area, but the bay area people tend to slang more than any other state does. In this current era of the internet, things are evolving every day.

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Origin of the term Dillhole?

As if with every other word there is a story behind it the well-known slang term Dillhole. There was a TV animated series called Beavis and Butthead. The first time the term Dillhole used was in an episode of this TV series. The term was used instead of dickhole because such terms were not allowed in TV series. The word means a stupid idiot. This word is used for mildly insulting an individual who is constantly annoying you.

Can the slang Dillhole be vulgar?

No, it can and is not vulgar. The answer to this depends on how someone will use this term. If it is used to describe a stupid idiot then the Dillhole is not that vulgar.

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