What does Pc mean on Instagram?


On Instagram, PC has a full form for “photo credit,” and it is commonly used to signify that a shot has been attributed or photographed.


John: Thanks for the awesome shot.

Marry: Don’t forget to give me pc for the picture.

What does pc mean in text & post?

PC is used to acknowledge the folks whose photographs you utilize in your social media broadcasts by providing them with a digital signature (usually Instagram posts). If a friend takes a photo of you surfing, you may put anything on the photo, such as “Had a great time surfing today!” and post it on Facebook. This is how you give credit to the photographer who took the photograph: @friend is the pc name.

Pc & VC meaning in WhatsApp

There are many other elements of WhatsApp that are related to the names PC, VC, and so on, which are often used to refer to the short message sharing software. Video calls and status updates are two more helpful WhatsApp features. According to our attempts to become “virtuous netizens,” able to use WhatsApp appropriately and understand what other people are saying through acronyms and phrases, we’ve produced a list of some of the most often used WhatsApp terminology. Yes, that may be helpful!


Definition: Photo Credit
Type: Abbreviation

What are some similar terms?


PC: denotes one-on-one conversation or direct communication In most cases, when there is a group conversation, and someone wishes to continue the topic quietly, this phrase is utilized. Alternatively, you may like to speak directly.

VC: video call is an abbreviation for video call, which is one of the features of WhatsApp that allows you to make video calls directly.

VN: An informational communication in the form of a voice note or voice message is one that may be sent over the phone. You may record your own voice and transmit it to others, as well as the other way around.

More words that are similar in meaning:

What does Ps mean in Instagram?


If you have a postscript (P.S.), it is a thought that comes to your mind after you have written a letter and signed it, and you write a postscript after you have done so. Its name derives from the Latin postscriptum, which translates as “written after” (which might be taken to mean “something which follows the writing”).Abbreviation for postscript, which is Latin meaning “written after.” When anything has been added to a letter after the writer has written and signed the main body, the phrase “addendum” is often employed.

The term “Postscript” is often associated with the prefix “PS.” The Latin word “postscriptum,” meaning “written after,” is the root of the term. A PS, as used here, is a note that is appended to a letter or message after it has been written.

What are pch slang and its use?

The most common reason individuals say the pch slang is to express their displeasure with a joke or statement you made.


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